All I want for Christmas is ... No Christmas package shipping stress!

Work smarter in your business and create focus in a hectic working environment

December, the perfect month to put both your customers and your employees in the mood lighting. In the article well prepared for the peak period it has already been described that in the world of e-commerce, the last three months of the year are known as the peak period, for which it can be described as the most lucrative period for many webshops. To support your business during this hectic time, we are happy to do something extra for you. That is why we are happy to assist you in various areas in releasing your Christmas package shipping stress in order to give your employees and customers a gift full of appreciation. How? Well so!

Save time when booking

Concentrate on processing the incoming orders in your business and outsource the booking of Christmas packages to us. Submit a list of your desired shipments and we will book it automatically. After we have finished the list neatly, the booked shipments will appear directly in the MyWuunder dashboard. All you have to do is print the labels and stick them on your Christmas gifts. Arranged quickly, delivered quickly!

Outsource booking and bulk printing

Create structure in your business and save time when printing shipping labels. After we have booked your shipments on the basis of the supplied list, we can also immediately convert all labels into one clear PDF file and send them to you by e-mail. This allows you to print all your required shipping labels in bulk with one print job.

The full Christmas package shipping process

Create ultimate focus in a hectic working environment and make yourself really easy this Christmas. Outsource the entire shipping process of your Christmas packages to us and let you be completely unburdened in the entire transport chain. Enlist our help and we book, print, paste and send the shipments and immediately return all information in the MyWuunder dashboard. This keeps you proactively informed of the status of all your orders without having to work on it yourself and ensures that all your customers and employees receive their package with full appreciation.

Activate our Christmas package support

Can you use some Christmas gift help? Feel free to contact us to see how we can best help your business to make this Christmas as easy as possible.