50% time savings by Wuunders transport tool

In a recently published article of magazine Netwerk Brabant, we are in the spotlight both in print and digitally. This edition is all about national and international business, which bridges the core of our raison d'être.

Whether you want to export to France, import from China or simply send your shipments nationally, we take care of your transport from A to Z completely. This is handy, because an SME is on average about 40% of the time is engaged in transport-related matters. All lost time that you cannot spend on doing business yourself. The article describes the degree of time savings by using Wuunder's transport tool, which makes sending parcels, pallets and documents very easy. This by developing a smart algorithm, in which the best carrier for the desired service is proposed. Just register via the platform, select the desired service and the shipment will be neatly collected and delivered. No hassle, no contract: that's how we do it at Wuunder.

Read the full article here.

Source: Network Brabant


Every day we look at how we can make our transport tool even better and smarter. Do you run into things within MyWuunder or do you have a brilliant idea that can save you even more time in the shipping process? Let us know. You can always call us on 020-261 5748 or send an email.

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