The importance of a good return policy

e-commerce sales are peaking

The growth in e-commerce as a result of corona has been driving sales for some time. The advice #blijfthuis has (happily) been followed by almost all people, with the result that they largely order their purchases online. According to research by Ecommerce news, the turnover of web shops increased by about 61% due to corona. Compared to last year, we see growth of more than 2020% in the entire sector in the first quarter of 25. From the figures of SalesForce it is noticeable that many Dutch people buy their household items online. This is also reflected in our figures, the number of shipments has increased between 60 and 80%, the majority of which consists of garden, animal and DIY supplies. Apparently we still want to create a cozy place at home during quarantine. Rightly so! But a growth in e-commerce will logically also lead to more returns. In this article, we explain the importance of a good return policy and give you tips on how best to approach this.

a good return policy: the opportunity to bind customers to you

An increase in your sales is of course great! But this time is also the perfect opportunity to bind your customers even better to you. How? By making the customer experience run as smoothly as possible. An annoying or downright bad return policy creates barriers for many customers to actually place an order. As soon as an order cannot be returned easily, you would of course prefer not to risk losing your order. In addition, a good and transparent return policy offers extra contact moments and thus new opportunities for upsell or the sale of a replacement product. Where most webshops end their customer journeyAfter the purchase, Wuunder offers options to check whether your customers are satisfied even after the purchase. We know better than anyone the importance of a good return policy. This includes personalized track-and-trace e-mails, but also a flexible return policy that goes further than just 'bring it to a Parcelshop'. Below you can read three examples.

send the return label

When a customer indicates that he wants to exchange the purchased product, you can easily book the return shipment in MyWuunder. You can then send the label to your customer by email at the touch of a button. All the customer has to do is print it out and use it.

It is extra convenient that all returns that have been booked in your MyWuunder environment, immediately appear in your return portal. This allows you to see exactly the statuses of all shipments on the way to your company.

Easily send or print a return label

doesn't your customer have a printer?

Then send the shipping label to the customers at home with the same ease. When it falls on the doormat, it can be glued directly to the packaging.  

send the return labels immediately with the order

Do you want to make returning even more accessible? Then you can choose to automatically book a return label when booking the way there and to include this with the order. This allows a customer to immediately place the label on the packaging when it has to be returned. When the shipment is scanned by the carrier, the return shipment will immediately appear in your MyWuunder dashboard. This gives you an immediate overview of which shipments are on the way back. Maybe that is the perfect opportunity to ask your customers what was wrong with the order and whether they would prefer a different color, size or fading product?

return label as standard?

To make things even easier, you can now also print a return label with every order via MyWuunder. 

ultimate unburdening

Wuunder return pick-up

Are these larger shipments? Or do you want to pamper your customers ultimately? With just a few clicks of the button, you can schedule a pick-up at your customer's address instead of returning it via a parcel shop. The carrier will then visit your customer to pick up the shipment. Not only super convenient for your customer, but sometimes also necessary if the packaging is too large to return via a parcel shop.

Wuunder can even make a pick-up appointment for you so that the carrier will be on your doorstep on an agreed day. In addition, we can ensure that the carrier prints the return label and takes it to the customer's home. This way, your customer really doesn't have to do anything at all, except to let them know that he or she would like to return the product. And that is an extra contact moment for you!

Want to discover more about our added value?

Do you want to know more about the importance of a good return policy? Or are you curious about the added value that Wuunder can add to your company and the experience of your customers? Please do not hesitate to contact us! We would be happy to explore with you how we can best help and support you.