Well prepared for the peak period

Make the most of your business with the holidays ahead

The peak period in e-commerce land is beginning and that means that many web shops have to roll up their sleeves even more. Although you might think that December is the busiest month of the year, it is already sweating from November. The impact of the peak season continues to increase and is increasingly influencing online sales. Compared to an average month outside the peak period, the number of orders is expected to increase by 40% in November and even 46% in December. And that is not surprising at all! Consumers now know all too well that more and more web shops are participating in these 'extra sales days' and are therefore happy to postpone their purchases. Reason enough to be well prepared for the peak period, so that you can take maximum advantage of this as a webshop.

The most important data in a row

If you have not yet logged the most important days in your agenda, here is a small reminder of the days when consumers flock the internet for the best deal: Singles Day kicks off on Monday, November 11, follows on Friday, November 29 Black Friday, Monday 2 December your webshop must be ready for Cyber ​​Monday, it is natural on Thursday December 5 Sinterklaas-eve, it is on Saturday December 14th free shipping day and on Wednesday December 25 and Thursday December 26 we will exchange the ginger nuts for the Santa Claus! Provided you respond well to this, you can expect extra orders.

Communicate your discounts in time

If you want to live up to the holiday hype and want to take maximum advantage, it is important to get your amazing discounts off the rooftops in time. Be one step ahead of your competitors and create early public support and consumer awareness. Communicate and display your discounts on the website, in the newsletter and on social media so that consumers can find your shop before the real chaos breaks out.

Another tool to consider is to reduce the target audiences you would like to advertise to a niche. In the great communication violence, chances are that you will not win by shooting hail all over the Netherlands. In order to win extra orders, it is therefore more effective to apply your targeting very specifically for specific products. The costs per conversion may go up slightly, but the number of sales probably also!

The shipping experience: this is the perfect opportunity

The peak period is the perfect opportunity to introduce your new customers to your company. With just giving fantastic discounts on amazing products you are not there, everything stands or falls with a fantastic shipping experience. We previously wrote about the shipping force, where it emerged that 58% of consumers never ordered from a webshop again after a poor shipping experience. So we can conclude that the way of shipping plays a crucial role in the brand loyalty and the trust of the customer.

Call in our support and generate more sales

Are you curious how Wuunder can help your business realize that unforgettable shipping experience for your customers? Or could you use some extra advice with the upcoming holidays in sight? Then make an appointment quickly and discover how we can excite you in various areas.