Wuunder launches PuzzlPack feature for more sustainable shipping

With PuzzlPack, items are packed as efficiently as possible and transport costs can be saved

Amsterdam – Europe's greenest logistics service provider Wuunder is launching a new feature today for more sustainable shipping: PuzzlPack. With this Tetris-like solution Wuunder calculates the best packaging method for every order, allowing web shops use as little packaging material as possible and as little empty space as possible is sent. With this feature, Wuunder responds to the social discussion about sending items in unnecessarily large packaging and the company is taking a big step in its sustainability mission.

More sustainable shipping: never send air again      

Based on the dimensions and weight of each product in an order, Wuunder determines which box or pallet provides the lowest volume of the shipment. This means that packaging that is too large will never be used again and web shops can ship more sustainably. By keeping the volume per shipment as small as possible, a lot of CO2 emissions can be saved each year, because more shipments fit in the carrier's van. 

Optimization of order picking process and security of shipping costs

In addition to sustainability, PuzzlPack ensures efficiency gains. Wuunder uses this software to advise which products should be packed in which box, further optimizing the order picking process. This optimization ensures that unnecessary material or unnecessarily large shipments are never sent, which enables savings in both material costs and shipping costs. Because it is known in advance how the products will be shipped, PuzzlPack can determine an accurate shipping price, so that no unexpected surcharges will be charged afterwards. Customers who use PuzzlPack can save 10 to 20 percent of transport costs. That saving is very welcome, since out earlier research by Wuunder showed that 38 percent of wholesalers and retailers are working on reducing transport costs.

Jeroen Gehlen, co-founder at Wuunder: “With this development in our software, we are taking an important step in our mission to contribute to a green and sustainable society. Sustainable parcel delivery is something that many organizations are working on, but they often don't know where to start. With PuzzlPack we offer a concrete first step in this regard and you can make an impact right away.” 

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