Proactively track and monitor shipments

Completely taken care of all your shipments

Benefit from maximum service and experience great convenience

Always an extra eye on things

Immerse yourself in maximum convenience and let go of all shipping stress after you have booked a shipment. Our shipping assistants closely monitor and monitor all your shipments and take immediate action when problems arise during the transport or delivery somewhere in the shipping process. We immediately communicate the progress of your shipments back to your business and the recipient, so that all parties involved stay proactively informed. This service is free when you use Wuunder's advantageous transport contracts.

Always insight into the latest status

Always have the correct status of your shipments via MyWuunder. Sometimes it can happen that your shipments remain in the same status as 'on the road' for a longer period, because a carrier has not scanned them properly. If this is the case, we will immediately start working for you and request proof of delivery from the carrier. After receipt, we update the status so that you always maintain control and insight into your shipments.

immediate action for delayed shipments

Increase control for shipments that take longer than expected and avoid disappointed customers in your business. Thanks to the proactive follow-up, we immediately intercept shipments that have been delayed and immediately contact the carrier to inform them of the delayed shipment. In this way, we ensure that they still deliver the shipment so that the shipment still reaches its final destination.

Actie bij vertraagde zendingen

Guaranteed collection for your shipments

Every shipment deserves the same attention, which is why we check for all your shipments whether they have actually been collected at the agreed location: at your company itself, your supplier or your customer. If this has not happened, we will arrange a new collection from your desired carrier.

Permanent control over your shipments

If the shipping label of your shipment has not been scanned by the carrier, we will contact you directly to ask whether this shipment has been picked up. If so, we will send a request to the carrier to start looking for the shipment.

"Your shipment awaits you with sorrow"

Thanks to our proactive follow-up, keep your customers accurately informed about their order and limit the number of shipments that return. As soon as the shipment has been delivered to the selected collection point of the customer, a message will be sent that the shipment can be picked up. After five working days, the recipient is again alerted to the collection of the package via a smart reminder email.

Increase delivery rate to 100%

Reduce the sensitivity to error in your business and prevent shipments from returning due to incorrect address details. If we find that the carrier was unable to deliver your shipment by appointment due to an incorrect address, we will immediately investigate. We send the recipient an e-mail to find out the correct address and then provide the correct address to the carrier.

always find out the truth

Don't get wrapped up and always find out the truth. As soon as a carrier indicates that a shipment has been refused on delivery, we will check this by e-mail with the recipient. If this is not the case, we will contact the carrier to offer the shipment again.

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