The Marketplace integrations
from wuunder

Improve customer reception experience

Wuunder is your partner when it comes to shipments for your company. With the marketplace integrations, your customers have a better reception experience. In addition, you save time (and money), you keep an easy overview and you receive appropriate advice to make your shipments in the best and most efficient way:

Is your SALES ACCOUNT not listed?

Do not panic! We can still help you fully automate your shipping process. Import your orders via our Chrome extension, an CSV file or via the Wuunder API. A custom webshop? Call in our team of developers and they will make a custom connection especially for you.

Even better customer experience

Wuunder automatically sends a personalized confirmation email of their order with track & trace. We pro-actively follow up and monitor your shipments. If something goes wrong, Wuunder resolves it immediately with the carriers. Wuunder is even able to handle all your claims and take over your entire customer service with regard to shipments and quickly answer all incoming transport questions. And does your customer want to return the product? With just one push of a button, your return shipment is already booked. 

Increase control and manage your transport under one roof

manage your transport under one roof

In one overview you see all your (processed) orders and you are always informed by the correct information about the shipments. You can add your own shipping rules and choose which carriers you want to work with. Or let Wuunder advise you on which carrier is the best match for your shipment. This can be done on the basis of the contracts you already have, or with the contracts we have with the carriers.

Save minutes per order

Thanks to the marketplace integrations you can import all your orders with one click of a button and then book the shipments (bulk), print (bulk) and send them at lightning speed. The track & trace codes are automatically forwarded and also sent to your marketplace account. Thanks to the smart transfer lists, you always have proof that the shipments have been taken by the driver.

Activate your account within minutes and start shipping smarter immediately.