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November and December are the busiest months of the year in parcel country. With Wuunder's Parcel Radar you can see the delays per province per week from November 1 to December 24, 2023.

Curious about delivery times during the holidays from PostNL, DHL, DPD, FedEx, TNT, GLS and UPS? We have listed them for you.

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Update week 48: One in five packages delayed due to Black Friday and Christmas Eve

Wuunder sent fifteen percent more packages than in the same week last year

Amsterdam – Last week (week 48) an average of no less than twenty percent of the packages were delayed. This is evident from the Pakka radar, a data analysis from Wuunder. Last week, of course, some of the Black Friday packages were still delivered and it was also the last week in which orders for Christmas Eve could be placed. This week is experienced annually by the logistics sector as one of the busiest weeks of the year. Never before this year had the number of delayed packages measured by Wuunder been as high as twenty percent in week 48. Compared to the same week in 2022, Wuunder also saw a fifteen percent increase in the number of packages sent. 

Most delays in Drenthe and South Holland

Consumers in the provinces of Drenthe and South Holland most often had to wait longer than usual for their parcel last week. There, 24,5 and 24,2 percent of the packages were delayed, respectively. The provinces of Limburg, Friesland and Utrecht had the fewest delays at 16,1, 16,7 and 17,6 percent respectively. 

Prediction this week

Fortunately, last week's delays do not mean that consumers will have to wait longer for their orders this week. Carriers are expected to have updated the delays: on average, a package this week will take one day after being picked up by the carrier to be delivered to the consumer's home. Only last Monday (December 4) did packages take a little longer on average.

PR 2023 Weekly Predictions - 49

Jeroen Gehlen, co-founder of Wuunder: “I admire how the carriers are managing this year's parcel rush. If you consider that experience shows that week 48, together with the week before Christmas, is the busiest week of the year, then one in five parcels delayed is not a bad score. If you as a retailer experienced higher delays than the national average last week, it is wise to see whether you can scale up in the coming weeks. For example, by working with more order pickers so that you can ship faster or working with Express or Sameday carriers that have a higher delivery quality. This way you can ensure that the Christmas gifts arrive on time.”

How it works

In the Parcel Radar we show the delay of parcels per province: from the darkest green which stands for 0 percent delay to black which stands for more than 30 percent delay.

• We see something as a delay when a package is not delivered on the intended delivery date.

• Collections or deliveries in a parcel shop and problems related to the sender or recipient are also not included in the calculation of delays.

• The figures are based on shipments from the largest carriers in the Netherlands.

The following carriers are included:

Carriers: PostNL


Carriers: DHL

DHL eCommerce

Carriers: DPD


Carriers: GLS


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