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Save up to 20% on your shipping costs with PuzzlPack

With PuzzlPack, items are packed as efficiently as possible and transport costs can be saved.

“Finally a solution where sustainability and cost savings go hand in hand.”

Never send air again

Based on the dimensions and weight of each product in an order, we determine the correct and smallest packaging.
This means you will never use oversized packaging again, making your shipping more sustainable. By keeping the volume per shipment as small as possible, a lot of CO2 emissions are saved each year, because more shipments fit in the carrier's van. 

50% time savings with the Wuunder transport tool

Optimization of order picking process and security of shipping costs

In addition to sustainability, PuzzlPack ensures efficiency gains. You will receive advice about which products should be packed in which box, further optimizing the order picking process. This optimization ensures that unnecessary material or unnecessarily large packaging is never sent. This leads to savings in material and shipping costs. Because it is known in advance how the products will be shipped, PuzzlPack can determine an accurate shipping price. This prevents unexpected surcharges afterwards.

Cheapest option is chosen

If you send one order with multiple packages to the same address, we will calculate the shipping costs. We compare this with the costs of sending these packages on a pallet. We also take the costs of the pallet into account. We will of course send the shipment in the cheapest way.

This is how PuzzlPack works

In the check-out, many web shops show a fixed transport price per country or try to display the appropriate price based on weight. With PuzzlPack you can show a much more accurate price or even the exact price you pay to the carrier. Very useful if you pay volume rates to the carrier or send express shipments abroad. Or if your products are large and heavy, which means that many 'extra handling' surcharges apply.

Wuunder also calculates what it costs to send the shipment via separate packages or on a pallet. If it is cheaper to send via a pallet, we will make it a pallet shipment. This also ensures that your packages are delivered in one go. This in turn saves transport movements and ensures a happy recipient who receives all the packages at once.

The 3 most frequently asked questions about PuzzlPack:

Every carrier and shipping service has its own standards and expertise. What is considered standard for one carrier may result in significant surcharges for another. This makes it practically impossible to manually choose the best shipping service for each shipment.

With PuzzlPack we can determine, based on the dimensions and weight of each product in an order, which box, boxes or pallet(s) provide the lowest volume of the shipment. This way you will never use too large a package or too much packaging material again! By keeping the volume per shipment as small as possible, you save a lot of CO2 emissions each year, because more shipments fit in the carrier's van and therefore fewer trips are required. You also save on your packaging materials

Because with PuzzlPack we know the precise dimensions and weight of each shipment, we can always choose the best shipping service and avoid surcharges, provided a multi-carrier strategy is used. For a very large package or multiple packages to the same address, we will even check whether a pallet would not be cheaper.

We can show you some calculation examples in a demo. Therefore, make an appointment without obligation.

You make the greatest savings and impact when you often sell multiple items per order. If these items are often long, high, wide or heavy, this results in additional significant savings.

The savings can only be achieved when you work with multiple carriers. We compare which carrier the packaging can be shipped to the cheapest. If you are not yet using a multi-carrier strategy, we are happy to advise you on this.

Of course, your product data must be in order. We use the length, width, height and weight of each item. If that is not correct, PuzzlPack is giving the wrong advice. 

We also help you determine the most ideal packaging line. Every carrier has different maximum dimensions, volumes, belt size and weights per destination or service. By tailoring your packaging to this, PuzzlePack ensures that you always stay within these limits and can save maximum money.

Yes, I also want to save on my shipping costs!

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