Wuunder City Fulfillment

Get a higher conversion in the check-out of your webshop

In addition to the Dynamic Checkout, we now also offer another option to increase the conversion in your webshop. With Wuunder City Fulfillment it is possible to store your store stock locally and also to deliver locally. You can read below how we achieve this.

Deliver local supplies locally

With Wuunder City Fulfillment, the stocks of your physical store(s) and the Wuunder City Fulfillment locations are taken into account in the check-out of your webshop. It is possible to deposit (part of) your stock at the Wuunder City Fulfillment locations. 

When you use Wuunder City Fulfillment, we automatically give the local delivery service at the correct postal code areas in the checkout of your webshop. 

Because we use your physical store as a 'warehouse' (possibly in combination with the Wuunder City Fulfillment locations), it becomes possible to deliver so-called 'rush orders' within 1 to 4 hours. When buyers need something quickly, they are also willing to pay extra for it. These orders are delivered by bicycle or electric van. We therefore not only go for a fast delivery, but also an environmentally friendly delivery. Moreover, these orders do not need to be provided with an outer box, which is also more sustainable and cost-effective. We can take over all or part of the fulfillment for you.

Your physical store as a warehouse

Faster than fast

By using the stocks of your physical store(s) and any Wuunder City Fulfillment locations to deliver orders within certain zip code areas, you can deliver super fast. This is also increasingly valued by buyers. Because the orders do not go through multiple sorting centers with conveyor belts, there is less chance of damage. In addition, the guarantee that an order will be delivered on time is greatly increased.

Are you a retailer and would you like to deliver faster, cheaper and greener? Or are you a carrier or courier who would like to work with us? Let us know! you do that here.

The dynamic check-out starts with a good integration of your webshop. In this white paper you will discover more about the different integrations, but also about all the possibilities of the dynamic check-out.

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