Sustainable delivery: how do you apply this within your company?

At Wuunder we want to contribute to a greener and more sustainable world by making delivery greener. By making conscious choices in logistics, we can reduce CO2 emissions and contribute to a greener and more sustainable future. But how do you apply sustainable delivery within your company?

Use bicycle couriers

The greenest way of delivery is currently a bicycle courier in combination with City Fulfillment. With City Fulfillment you use your physical locations (store or warehouse) or you use City Fulfillment locations of third parties to store stock. Orders are delivered from these locations by bicycle or electric van. This is not only environmentally friendly, but also makes it possible to deliver or combine within a few hours so that there are fewer transport movements!

Choose green delivery services

In addition to City Fulfillment, you can use various green delivery services. Use green delivery services such as bicycle couriers or electric vans. You do not have to adjust your check-out for this: we only show a bicycle courier in your check-out if it also delivers to the recipient.

Pack your shipments in a sustainable way

The packaging of your shipments is also important for sustainable shipping. It is of course smart to look at sustainable materials for packaging, but as logistics experts we focus on sending as little air as possible. By packaging your shipments as compactly as possible, your package takes up less space. This way you ensure that fewer trips need to be made and you therefore limit CO2 emissions. At City Fulfillment you often don't even need an extra outer box and you can have the ordered items delivered in the factory packaging. Wuunder has developed a new sustainable innovation:PuzzlPack which can save you up to 20% on your shipping costs.

Measure your impact and set goals

To know whether you are working sustainably, it is important to measure your impact. For example, keep track of how much CO2 emissions you save by using green delivery options and how much waste you prevent by using sustainable packaging. Then set goals to increase your impact and continuously improve your logistics processes.

At Wuunder, we believe that sustainable delivery is essential for a greener and more sustainable world. That is why you can not only use green delivery services through us, but we are also happy to advise companies on sustainable logistics choices. Interested in sparring without obligation? Fill in the contact form below and our experts will contact you as soon as possible. Together we can contribute to a better world!

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