The online purchasing behavior of the Dutch consumer

Since the coronavirus outbreak, the online purchasing behavior of Dutch consumers has changed enormously. AfterPay conducted a survey of this among 5.500 consumers. We have listed some interesting facts for you.

Reasons to make more online purchases

Compared to before the corona outbreak, online purchases in the Netherlands increased by 48%. Cause? The fear of becoming infected through encounters in brick-and-mortar stores appears to be the main reason. The convenience of online shopping also plays a prominent role in this. Many consumers have expanded their wish list and started shopping in several categories.

The financial concerns in society are increasing

Although online purchases have risen continuously since the corona outbreak, we have now peaked. In the first half of May, the percentage was 3% higher. The main reason for this small decline is concerns about the financial uncertainty in society. In addition, the personal financial situation and the desire to support local physical stores are also two drivers for a decline in online purchases. Still, health concerns have increased slightly in late May. 38% of respondents still see this as a concern.

What's next?

No one can be 100% sure what will happen in the future. But making a prediction is possible. While growth is set to slow, online purchases are expected to continue to grow in June. The fact that consumers have received their holiday allowance certainly contributes to this. The gap between consumers who indicate that they shop more and less online is shrinking. The 'food and groceries' category has grown enormously since the corona outbreak. AfterPay predicts that this trend will continue in the coming month. 

What is striking is that the extreme growth spurt in the categories 'garden supplies' and 'tools / building materials' is starting to decrease. The 'fashion' category, on the other hand, has grown considerably in the number of online purchases. Whereas in the middle of March 18% of the respondents made an online purchase, this is now 28%.


What do consumers find important when shopping online?

AfterPay also investigated what consumers are least satisfied with. What seems? The least customer satisfaction is in the area of ​​customer service and the return process. Consumers are also less satisfied with the delivery time. Want to know more about this? read this article.

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