Warehouse & fulfillment

working together is strengthening each other

Every day we have customers who want to outsource their direct logistics activities to a professional and reliable fulfillment party or temporarily store their stock in a warehouse. Do you have storage areas where other companies can safely store their shipments and / or do you want to offer our customers a pick-and-pack process? You increase the activities in your warehouse and realize a safe shelter for other entrepreneurs.

Wuunder provides a system where you can easily print shipping labels, which you can take advantage of as a business partner. You can not only offer this service to our customers, but you can also conquer your own customers with it.

Because why bother when it can be done together?

Checklist for being a warehouse and fulfillment partner

Streamline your pick and pack process from your warehouse

Do you want to make your location available as a warehouse? How nice! In order to join our unique on-demand network, your location must meet a number of criteria. Your location should be located in easily accessible locations so that carriers and couriers can easily pick up or deliver the shipments. This offers our affiliated couriers and carriers the opportunity to work more efficiently in their business. Whether it is a permanent storage space, only during a peak period or for project-related jobs: anything is possible.

Take matters into your own hands

We ensure that you can do business with more than 300 carriers from one system. As a result, your employees have mastered the working method in 'no-time'. Attached to your own system? We fully understand that! That is why we can of course also link your own system to us. You don't have to do anything yourself, just focus on warehouse and fulfillment process. Our customers organize the transport from their own company and immediately notify you if you can send the shipment from the warehouse.

Take matters into your own hands

Want to know more about working together?

Do you want to know more about the possibilities of Wuunder and possible business partnership? Or would you like to get acquainted? Feel free to contact us without any obligation. Click the button below and send a message, call us or let us call you back when it suits you.