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Wuunder guest at New Business Radio

Wuunder guest at New Business Radio More about Wuunder's entrepreneurial story Co-founders Bart Takkenkamp and Jeroen Gehlen were guests in the New Business Radio studio on January 13 ....

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Wuunder expands to Germany

Wuunder expands into Germany After the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, we are now also active in Germany On January 12, 2016, exactly five years ago, co-founders Jeroen Gehlen and ...

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Wuunder in NOS News

Wuunder in the NOS NEWS ARE our PACKAGES ARRIVE ON TIME? The Package Radar in the NOS News The NOS called us this afternoon and asked for our opinion about the ...

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Werk vanuit je vertrouwde webshopomgeving

More delays, but no more worries!

More delays, but no more worries! First aid for delayed shipments The article 'the importance of a good return policy' already strongly stated that the entire e-commerce country ...

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Grootste retourmogelijkheden

The importance of a good return policy

The importance of a good return policy for sales in e-commerce peaks The growth in e-commerce as a result of corona has been driving sales for some time. The advice #blijfthuis is by ...

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Logistical initiatives during corona

Logistical initiatives during Corona together strong during Corona The corona crisis is completely gripping the Netherlands and the rest of the world. During the crisis, all kinds of bizarre things happen ...

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An extra boost for entrepreneurs

A helping hand for entrepreneurs in retail land An extra helping hand for entrepreneurs The corona virus affects our entire society. Many entrepreneurs and retailers are going through an uncertain period ...

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Goed voorbereid de piekperiode in

Well prepared for the peak period

Well prepared for the peak period Make the most of your business with the holidays ahead The peak period in e-commerce land is dawning, which means that many webshops are ...

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Gratis verzenden

How free is 'free shipping'

How free is 'free shipping' The shipping strategy for more sales and loyal customers Shipping plays a fundamental role in the way a brand is perceived by the customer, ...

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Stroomlijn je pick-en-pack proces vanuit je magazijn

It's all about printing

It's all about printing Printing shipping labels in a jiffy Wuunder, the shipping and receiving tool with a mission: to completely unburden your logistics process. We make this possible through our platform ...

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Jaarlijkse groei van Wuunder volgens Ecommerce News Nederland

Annual growth of Wuunder

Wuunder's annual growth Wuunder is constantly improving its platform and is always going one step further. Ecommerce News Nederland writes about this in the interview “Wuunder: Hundreds of percentages growth every year” by Jeroen Gehlen ...

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Gave nieuwe mogeljkheden

Cool new possibilities in wuunder platform

Cool new possibilities in the Wuunder platform Wuunder wants to keep 'deluding' you with all kinds of new possibilities in our platform. By continuously developing and improving the (software) possibilities, we strive to ...

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1000 koeriers gezocht

Wuunder is looking for 1000 local courier heroes

Wuunder is looking for 1000 local courier heroes The holidays are getting closer, which means that the whole of the Netherlands is busy with the preparations. Due to the hustle and bustle of everyday life, many people have little ...

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More, better and faster

Send more, better and faster! More carriers, better informed and book even faster. We have arranged this for you in recent weeks. Read on quickly and see for yourself. You ...

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Five shipping tips for successful webshops

5 Shipping Tips for Successful Webshops | WeAreWuunder Webshop? Let your shipping process increase customer satisfaction. What determines the success of your webshop? Your great range, of course. Your marketing. And a distinctive shipping ...

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Altijd goedkoop, snel en efficiënt

Free shipping module for web shops launched

Free shipping module for web shops launched Incorrectly addressed shipments are often a costly and time-consuming problem for web shops. The Wuunder plug-in for webshop systems, among other things, ensures that surcharges from carriers ...

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Jeroen Gehlen

The man behind wuunder

The person behind Wuunder 13-09-2017 | ELSEVIER.NL | SERVAAS VAN DER LAAN A short article about the people behind Wuunder, Elsevier's interview with Jeroen Gehlen (45) co-founder of online care service Wuunder ....

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Zeg gedag tegen adressen overtypen

Make sending and receiving personal

Make sending and receiving personal! As a webshop, you often have the last customer contact when paying. Too bad, we think. That is why Wuunder helps with pre-fun and aftercare. Immediately after booking ...

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Wuunder in de Metro

Proud of Wuunder

Proud of Wuunder! Nice article about Wuunder in the Metro Holland In 'the face behind the start-up' we get to know the people behind various initiatives. What moves them? How did they ...

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Wuunder op de jaarbeurs

Wuunder in the trade fair

Wuunder in the Jaarbeurs You can also find Wuunder at the Trade Fair Facility & Building Management Jaarbeurs Read more about it at FGNoviteitenprijs.nl TwitterFacebookLinkedIn

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Reductie van vervoersstromen

Reduction of transport flows

Reduction of transport flows In addition to the article in Emerce “Disruption in the delivery market”, the following article is interesting to read. It shows how in a simple way by using ...

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Disruptie in de bezorgmarkt

Disruption in the delivery market

Disruption in the delivery market The two views of Walther and Pet may not be so at odds with each other. We believe that deliveries / collections with the business customer ...

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Are we in the picture?

Are we in the picture? Wuunder was full screen on December 4 on RTL7. Jeroen Smits spoke to Wuunder founder Bart. He explains how you can send a package ...

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