MyWuunder shipments follow all over the world

You can track a shipment in different ways. Via the track & trace data that you receive via a API you can request a connection via MyWuunder

In MyWuunder you can see the track & trace status of sent shipments via two separate overviews (Sending) or returns (receiving).

Track all your orders in one dashboard

In the overview screen you can see the most current status information for the shipments you have sent or will receive (both national and international) from all carriers, such as:



More information

pending printing

Icon: Pending printing

The shipping label has yet to be printed.

Ready for pick up

Icon: Ready for pick-up

The shipping label has been printed and the shipment is ready for collection.

Ready for pick up at pick up point

Icon: Ready for pick-up at pick-up point

The shipping label is printed, delivered at the pick-up point and is ready for collection

In transit

Icon: In transit

The shipment is picked up by the carrier and on the way. The location indicates where the shipment was last scanned (depending on the carrier).

Out for delivery

Icon: Out for delivery

The shipment will be delivered today.

Available for pick up

Icon: available for pick-up

The shipment has been delivered to a parcel shop and can be picked up by the recipient.

Wuunder is fixing it!

Icon: Wuunder is fixing

If you see a red package with an exclamation mark, something has gone wrong. Wuunder is working for you to get your shipment moving again with the carrier.


Icon: claim

There is a damage or issue where Wuunder tries to recover the damage from the carrier for you.


Icon: Shipment is returned

The shipment will be returned.

Track & trace in one dashboard for all carriers

On the MyWuunder pages ( Sending ) or returns ( receiving ) you can work more efficiently through action buttons.

MyWuunder shipments overview

You can easily return shipments, copy them to send a new shipment to the same customer or see details about the transport via the action icons:



More information

Track & trace

Shipment number (green)

Click on the shipment number (Carrier column) and you will go directly to the track & trace page of the carrier (depending on the carrier).


Icon: copy

This allows you to send the shipment again.


Icon: Return

With the push of a button you ensure that the recipient can return the shipment. read here more about the ways in which you can return a shipment.

Search for your shipment

On the MyWuunder pages (Sending) or returns (Receiving) you can quickly find the right shipment by searching via “Search by filter”.

Search through filters


  • Search based on a status such as “delivered” or “in-transit”.
  • Via the dropdown menu “carriers” you can show shipments per carrier.
  • Or use a keyword with which you search for shipments via, for example, an order number, content of the order, place or country of delivery, etc.

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