Scan and print shipping labels at lightning speed

Process orders as efficiently as possible by directly printing your shipping label using a (USB or Bluetooth) barcode scanner. Scan a barcode with order number on your packing slip via the Wuunder desktop app and the corresponding shipping label will be printed immediately. Very handy for a warehouse where many shipments are sent. 

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The step-by-step plan is simple

  1. Start booking your orders via MyWuunder, an webshop module or our API. Make sure to use a unique order number / reference number in every booking. This number will be needed later to quickly print your order.
  2. Then print the packing slips that Wuunder makes for each shipment. If you want to use your own packing slips, you only have to make sure that there is a barcode in Code 128 or UPC-A format on the packing slip. This barcode must contain the order number / reference number that you used when booking the shipment. 
  3.  You also have the 1-click Printing app that you install on the PC where you want to scan and print the shipping labels. With this app you can use a selected label printer and/or normal printer on each workstation.
  4. Connect the scanner to the PC on which you have installed the Wuunder 1-click Printing app.

5. If you want to work with UPC-A barcodes that contain a control number, you can adjust the barcode format in the setting menu under the Account settings.

Just scan!

  1. Create a packing slip via MyWuunder, from your webshop or another system you work with.
  2. Open the desktop app you just installed on your PC and go to the 'Prepare / prepare' environment in the 'Shipments / shipments' tab. Click on the scan icon next to 'Print selected / Print selection' and scan the barcode on the packing slip.
  3. The shipping label is printed directly on the printer you selected. Very handy if you want to process your orders one by one. But also to ensure that you use the correct label for an order. 
  4. Then print the commercial invoice that Wuunder creates for every order to a non-EU country.

Note: You can only print shipping labels for booked orders that have not yet been picked up by the carrier

Never send orders twice again

The scan-and-print method has been developed in such a way that you can only print shipping labels once. This way we prevent you from accidentally printing a shipping label twice. As soon as you have booked a shipment that consists of two items (packages), after one scan 'label 1' and on the second scan 'label 2' will roll out of the printer. If you now scan a third time, we will immediately issue a warning that all labels have already been printed. That easy! 

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