full service for recipients

Enjoy all our convenient services until you receive your shipment

Save phone calls, e-mails and frustration with the carriers and always be fully informed about the progress of your shipment without having to do anything yourself. As a recipient you are invaluable to the sender, which is why you receive a unique and proactive delivery process as a thank you. Because the sender has placed his logistics process with Wuunder, we can provide you as a recipient with service at the highest level. We keep a close eye on your order from collection to delivery and ensure that the delivery of your shipment runs smoothly. If we see that something goes wrong somewhere during transport, we take immediate action to solve the problem and we will keep you as the recipient informed in detail about this. This means you always know what is going on with your shipment and can confidently build on a successful delivery. 

Unfortunately, this service depends on the sender's choice. Some shippers choose not to provide this service. Via e-mail we inform you which service the sender has chosen and whether or not you should take action on transport issues.

Why bother if it can be done via Wuunder?

We are your watchdog for the carriers

We put our teeth into every problem that occurs with your shipment during transport. Whether your shipment has not been picked up, has been lost or has been delivered incorrectly, we will immediately start to solve the problem. We will continue to call and email the carrier or the shipping party until we receive an appropriate response and they will take action so that we can accurately inform you of what is going on with your shipment. So you don't have to do anything yourself!

What can we arrange for you?




Delivery problems



we will send you a confirmation once the order process has started

Receive packages

"When will I receive my package?" is often the first and sometimes the only question that concerns you when you have placed an order. As soon as the shipper has booked your shipment and printed the shipping label, you will immediately receive an email that the order process has been completed. This message also includes a link to track and trace, so you can accurately track the shipment to your front door.


We ensure that your shipment is actually collected

When the order is ready to go on the journey to your front door, we monitor whether the shipment is actually collected by the driver from the shipper. If for any reason this is not the case, we will ensure that the carrier still comes by to pick up your shipment. As soon as the driver has received your shipment, we immediately change track and trace status to 'on the road'. This keeps you fully informed and you never have to call or email carriers again to ask "Has my order been sent?"

Always an extra eye on things

we will inform you about delays

Even though delays cannot be avoided, we try to ease the "pain" for you as much as possible. It is annoying enough that your order takes longer to arrive. Let alone that you also have to contact the carrier or the sender yourself to find out where your shipment is. As soon as we detect a delay, we give the carrier one extra working day to resolve it. If it is not resolved, we will immediately contact the carrier to ask what is wrong with the shipment. You don't have to do that yourself. 

We will solve delivery problems for you in no time

If the carrier indicates that it has not been able to deliver your shipment as agreed, we will immediately investigate. The most common reason is an incorrectly entered address. In that case we will contact you immediately to find out the correct address. We will then send the additional information to be able to find your address or the changed address data to the carrier so that the driver makes another attempt to deliver your shipment to your front door. With this service you can avoid calling and e-mailing the carrier asking the same question over and over: "Where is my shipment going?"

Proactively informing customers

Of course it can also have other reasons why the delivery of your shipment went wrong, such as that your shipment is returned immediately after the first delivery attempt, is immediately taken to a Parcel shop without a delivery attempt or if you have no idea where your shipment was delivered. due to lack of communication from the carrier. Then we will also immediately contact the carrier to solve this problem. If a carrier indicates that you have refused the shipment, we will immediately check this with you. As soon as you indicate that this is not the case, we will immediately start to solve this.

we will send you a reminder to prevent your shipment from returning

Print from your familiar working environment

The last thing you want is your shipment being returned for lack of communication. We try to prevent this by keeping you informed. If the shipment has been delivered to a Parcelshop or collection point, you will receive a message after three working days that your shipment is waiting for you. Is it impossible for you to collect your shipment within seven days? Then we ask the carrier to keep the shipment longer in the Parcelshop or collection point to prevent your shipment from being returned. Unfortunately, this depends on the flexibility of the carrier.

we make sure that your returns run smoothly

Your order is not quite what you expected it to be? A pity! But that can happen. Therefore, we try to make the return process as easy as possible for you. All you have to do is register your return with the sender. The sender then books your return, sends the shipping labels to you by email or by post and registers your return via a Parcelshop or arranges a collection at your own location. It is also possible that the sender has already enclosed the label with the packaging. Once you have received the label, carefully stick it on the box.

Proactively track shipments

When the collection is arranged, we monitor whether the driver has actually collected your shipment. Then your shipment will be tracked closely and we will immediately contact the carrier as soon as we detect a delay. If something goes wrong during the return delivery, we request a credit note, if possible, for any damage or theft that has occurred.