Book a shipment quickly

You can quickly book a shipment in several ways. Whether it is a document, package or pallet. Via a webshop system, an API connection or MyWuunder.

The most comprehensive way to book shipments is through MyWuunder. In this user manual we briefly explain how this works. Can't figure it out or do you have any questions? Please contact our customer service.

All options in a row

Go to the "Drafts page”To book your shipments one by one or in bulk. On this page you can see all shipments that you want to book (“drafs”) or have booked. The first time you come to this page, the table is completely empty.

MyWuunder Book page

You start by making a draft shipment.
This can be done in various ways:

  • Manual: Press “New” and create an individual shipment. You read here more about the next steps.
  • Importing drafts: Click on “Import” and import shipments via StoreSync or CSV:
  • Manual: Click on "New", the "Edit" or "copy" icon and immediately book the shipment. You will find more information here.
  • Bulk draft books: Book multiple draft shipments at once via Bulk books

Action buttons

Wuunder tries to help you book quickly and save time. The following icons allow you to choose additional functions:
Action Calendar
More information
Edit the content of a draft. For example if you want to add or change something.
Icon: copy
With this you can make the same draft again. Handy if you want to send multiple orders with the same product to different recipients

The status of your booking

As soon as you have booked a shipment, the status of the shipment changes. Sometimes you have to refresh the page to see the most recent information.

More information
These are all shipments that have not yet been posted.
Pending service selection
These are all shipments where no transport service has yet been selected.
Booking in progress
These shipments are currently booked for you with a carrier.
Booking failed
These are shipments where something went wrong during the booking. Book this manually by clicking on the “edit” icon in the action column.
These shipments have been booked with a carrier. We show these to you all day long. We do not show it after 24 hours in the evening. You can always find them via the search function.

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