Drop off points

Trouble-free pick up of shipments as agreed

If you want to use different carriers, this usually means that multiple carriers come to pick up these shipments. At Wuunder you can choose to have this collected at once. We can also deliver a mailbox service including a delivery ride. Handy if you want to have shipments from different carriers delivered at once.

The advantages, not the disadvantages

If you want to let your recipients choose, if you want to ship to different countries or if you want to save costs by sometimes opting for a slower service, then different drivers will come and collect these shipments. That will easily cost your warehouse about five minutes per carrier. Some carriers, such as PostNL, charge hefty pick-up costs and arranging an ad-hoc collection is sometimes very inconvenient. We have found the perfect solution for this by linking our local (bicycle) couriers to a Drop-off point. This means that all your shipments are collected at once.

Pick up with countless possibilities

Fixed collection

Create structure in your business and schedule a fixed collection appointment at a desired time. We collect all your shipments at once and bring them to our locations. Here the various carriers collect the shipments. Handy if you do not have the minimum numbers to realize a fixed collection from the different carriers  

Extra late collection

If you want to have shipments picked up extra late, you simply use the custom agreements that we have made with the various carriers. By combining volumes at a drop-off point, we often have extra late collection times. If you want to pick up even later, we will call in a special carrier who will take the shipment directly to a sorting center, terminal, distribution center or depot.

Ad-hoc collection

Larger carriers such as DPD, PostNL and DHL have very efficient networks that are less able to respond to deviations. If you sometimes want to send a few shipments, then "same day pick up" is only possible for more expensive Express shipments. By using a Wuunder drop-off point, we can almost always have all shipments picked up the same day. 

No worrying about the driver

After your shipments have been given to the driver and have left your business, we proactively monitor them. If there is a delay somewhere in the delivery, we adjust this directly in your own dashboard, so that you always and everywhere have insight into the latest status updates of your shipments. We also check whether the shipments have been properly collected at the drop-off point.