Send shipments carefree

You can send shipments quickly and carefree in various ways. Via the app on your mobile (IOS & Android) Of Wuunder browser, One webshop system, Google Chrome extension, One API connection or MyWuunder.

As soon as you send an order to Wuunder via a webshop system, Google Chrome extension, One API connection or MyWuunder you will come to an overview page with all the information needed to book a shipment.

Check the contact details and prevent a return

1. We try to limit the number of returns in your business by checking all contact and order details during booking. If necessary data is missing, we automatically give error messages (in red) and when we think that data is incorrect we give suggestions (in orange). In addition, we also offer possible solutions such as the correct street name or place.

Send MyWuunder data

2.Collection details: Check the contact details and address where shipments can be picked up. If necessary, select a different pick-up address via the dropdown menu or adjust it. By selecting “Drop off in a parcel shop” you indicate that no collection by a driver is required.

You can easily select your pick-up addresses where you want regular shipments to be picked up via the drop-down menu by creating them via “Shipping addresses". On this page you can also see if fixed collection agreements have been made with carriers. For each pick-up address you can see which carriers, on which days and times, shipments come to pick up at these addresses.

If you have a shipment picked up at a supplier (drop shipment) or if you want to have a shipment returned, think of stating the e-mail address. We will then automatically send the shipping label to this person.

3. Delivery information: Check the contact details and address to which the shipments are sent. You search for saved contact details via the dropdown menu. Create new contact details by saving them or go to “contact details". Here you can change data and add new contacts, for example, via CSV import.

Note: sending to PO Box numbers is only possible with local postal services such as PostNL and not with Express carriers such as UPS, TNT, FedEx and DHL.

4. We check whether the postcodes are in the correct format. For example, some carriers do not accept a Belgian postcode B-1234 but require 1234. Wuunder ensures that we automatically remove the letters. If you do not find this useful, you can turn it off via the import rules.

5. Try to add as many e-mail addresses as possible so that we can inform the recipient about the arrival of the shipment (track & trace) and a specific delivery time (depending on the carrier). A telephone number helps a driver to deliver the shipment more easily if he cannot find the correct address (depending on the carrier).

Check the packaging

Enter my wuunder shipment
  1. If you want to send multiple shipments to the same address, you can indicate this at “Number”. For example, if you put a 2 here, you will receive 2 shipping labels.
  2. Check whether the type of packaging is correct. Is the shipment indeed a document, package or is a pallet? Above 30 kg, a shipment usually has to be provided with a pallet. If the customer has placed multiple orders (with the same delivery address), you can of course also send the shipment as one package or pallet. Determine which outer box is needed to send all shipments as a whole and adjust the data.
  3. We take the order number as standard from your webshop, marketplace or the number that you sent via the API. This number will also appear on the shipping label. If there is no reference number, we will show the text that is used for the description of the goods. We also use this text in the email to the recipient. If you want a standard text here, such as “thank you for your order”, you can add it via the “Setting menu".
User settings carrier

4. Are the dimensions, weight, value and content correct? If you have not used this data in your webshop, you can use standard data. You can set this via the “Setting menu". The value is only used for specific carriers such as UPS, for example for insuring shipments.

Note: if the volume and weight are not correct, most carriers charge a surcharge.

5. Use the Chat message to make communication with your customer more personal. We show this message together with the first photo you use for the article in your webshop, in both the email and in the browser / app (chat message). If you want to send your company logo or another photo in the e-mail to your customer, you can upload this photo in the “Setting menu".

Click on “Save” if you want to book later or click on “Request rates” if all details are correct. After this you will come to the page where you can select the different transport services. You will find on the following page more information on this.

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