Combine carriers

Combine carriers

always find the best shipping match for your shipments

Focus on growing your business and strike the search for the best shipping match for all your shipments. With Wuunder you combine carriers based on, for example, the dimensions, weight and destination of your shipment. We always offer the most suitable carrier from more than 300 national and international carriers such as DHL Parcel, DPD, PostNL, GLS and more. Whatever the weight or size of your shipment, or whatever the destination, finding the perfect carrier for your shipment becomes very easy. Of you now one document, package, pallet of (sea) container want to send, you are always at the right place with us. Need shipping advice? Please contact our shipping assistants.

Mix and combine your favorite carriers with unlimited delivery options

Combine carriers and flexible delivery options from more than 300 national and international carriers such as DPD, DHL Parcel, PostNL, GLS, collection point delivery and SameDay and always offers your customers the best choices during checkout.

Always a solution that suits you best

Don't get wrapped up and create a seamless connection to your business. With our wide range of national and international carriers, you always have the best shipping and delivery options at your fingertips. Use Wuunder's competitive discount rates, load up your own transport contract or combine both options. This way you always choose a carrier that suits you.

Create structure in your business and always ship your products worldwide with the most suitable carriers at the best prices. Avoid unpleasant surprises and get direct insight into the corresponding delivery times and shipping costs from your own dashboard when booking.

get direct access to delivery times and shipping costs

combine carriers

All your types of shipments in good hands

Implement a secure foundation in your business and send all your orders without effort. You do not have to leave it for different sizes, we have absolutely a perfect solution at your fingertips for all types of shipments. We use the rule of thumb that you can send any package of any size with us, as long as it fits on an airplane.

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Determine the desired speed for your shipments

Remain the director of your own shipping process and determine the delivery speed for your business. Expand your customer's choices by combining flexible delivery options such as SameDay, NextDay and collection points and increase the number of sales.

combine carriers

Shipping with maximum security

Take matters into your own hands and prevent problems with your shipments. Benefit from maximum security such as a scribble for receipt, a proof of identity at the door and the possibility to send extra insurance.

Pick up without any hassle

Save time on every shipment and outsource all collection such as ad hoc, daily pick-ups, extra late pick-ups and more. Create an approach to the collection of your shipments that suits the needs of your business. Just the way you want it: from a private individual to a business address, but also at a collection point, business point or post office.


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