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How annoying that a shipment is damaged or missing. We will see if we can file a claim with the carrier to have the damage or loss made reimbursed. Some data is needed for that. Read below what you need to submit a claim. 

We process all claims with great care and attention, yet not all damage or loss claims are reimbursed by the carriers.

The order is damaged

Below you will find a summary of the information that the carrier needs to process a claim. You can supply part yourself and part must come from the recipient. Make sure you have this information ready before you fill out the form.

  • Shipment number
  • Purchase invoice
  • Six photos of the damage:
    1. Outside of the package
    2. The opened package with all inner packing
    3. All inner packing
    4. Photo of the damaged item
    5. Detail photo of the damage
    6. Photo of the shipping label

The order is missing

When the shipment is missing, we need the following information. You can supply part yourself and part must come from the recipient. Make sure you have all the information available before filling in the form.

  • Shipment number
  • Purchase invoice
  • Statement in which the recipient confirms that he / she has not received the order. You can download that statement below. 

Don't have all the data?

If you do not have a signed statement or photos of the damage, you can ask the recipient to send it to us himself. Recipients do that this page. We can then match your information with the information of the recipient in order to still arrive at a full claim.

However, keep in mind that carriers will no longer handle claims older than 7 calendar days.

Download the correct receipt statement for missing shipments here

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