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Wuunder coordinates and communicates

Save yourself the stress and frustration caused by countless phone calls and emails, and be one step ahead of both the recipient and the sender. Since the sender has placed his logistics process with us, we can ensure efficient communication with carriers so that you are only contacted about matters that are really relevant. We keep a close eye on every shipment from collection to delivery and immediately contact you as a carrier in the event of problems, without the shipper or recipient having to give instructions. As soon as we get a definite answer from you, we will communicate the progress directly to both parties without you having to do anything yourself.

This service is available free of charge to shippers who use Wuunder's advantageous transport contracts. Of course it is also possible to activate this service on you own transport contract

Why make things difficult when Wuunder can make it easier?

We guarantee efficient communication

We proactively deal with every problem that arises during transport. Whether we detect that a shipment has not been picked up, has been lost or has been incorrectly delivered, we will contact you immediately to resolve the situation. We not only take over the communication towards the sender and the recipient completely from you, but we also only let situations run higher if this is really necessary. This secretly leaves you with a lot of time that you can spend on managing your transport.

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we check if the collection IS done

Always an extra eye on things

When the shipper indicates that the shipment is ready to travel to its final destination, we monitor whether the shipment has actually been picked up by you. If for any reason this is not the case, we will contact you directly on behalf of the sender to inform you to carry out the collection. As soon as the shipment has been picked up, we immediately change the track-and-trace status to 'on the road'. This ensures that the recipient is fully informed about the shipment and the number of calls and e-mails with the question "Has my order been sent?" will no longer bother your department.

we draw your attention to delays

While delays are inevitable, we try to minimize their inconvenience to you. We understand better than anyone how time-consuming it can be to be continuously flooded with the question of where the shipment will go. By closely monitoring every shipment, we immediately intercept possible delays and take a lot of work off your hands. As soon as we detect a delay, you get one extra working day to resolve it yourself. If it is still not resolved, we will contact you immediately to ask what is wrong with the shipment and to take action. We then communicate the progress directly to the sender and the recipient, so that we are one step ahead of both the sender and the recipient.


we proactively pursue transport problems

Proactively informing customers

When we detect that you have not been able to deliver the shipment as agreed, we immediately investigate. The most common reason is an incorrectly entered address. In that case, we will send an email to the recipient to find out the correct address. We will then pass on the additional information to find the address or the changed address details to you so that you can make another attempt to successfully deliver the shipment. This not only saves you a mountain of research, but also a lot of angry phone calls from recipients who want to get the question 'where is my shipment' answered. 

Of course it can also have other reasons why the delivery of a shipment did not go well, such as a shipment being returned immediately after the first delivery attempt, a shipment being brought directly to a Parcelshop without an attempt to deliver or the recipient having no idea at all where the shipment was delivered because you forgot to communicate it. Then we will also contact you directly to solve this problem. If you indicate that the shipment at the delivery address has been refused, we will immediately check this with the recipient. As soon as this is not the case, we ask you to still offer the shipment.

we give you a better overview over your claims and credits

Sometimes it can happen that a shipment is lost, stolen or damaged during transport. Since this is annoying enough, we help you to better organize the work for your claims and credits. If we detect such a problem, we will be the first to ask for clarification. When it comes to a damaged shipment, we ask you to return the shipment to the shipper. You do not have to inform anyone about this yourself, we take over the communication to the sender and the recipient completely.

We will then submit a claim to you at the sender's request to recover the damage. If you have not performed the chosen transport service correctly, we will request a credit. We take care of gathering all necessary documents, such as the purchase invoice, photos of the damaged shipment that has been returned and any proof of delivery. If it appears that you have mistakenly returned a shipment, we will also take action and recover the costs of the return journey plus the fine imposed by you. By doing this entirely on behalf of the sender, we increase the structure and overview of all claims in the department. 

we will send a reminder to the recipient to avoid returns

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The last thing you want is to return a shipment unnecessarily due to lack of communication. We try to prevent this by accurately informing recipients. When we notice that the shipment has not been picked up after three working days, we send the recipient a reminder email to inform them of the collection of the package. If the recipient indicates that it is not possible to pick up the shipment within seven days, we ask you if you can keep the shipment a little longer in the Parcelshop or the collection point. With this we try to reduce the number of tours for transporting returns.

We keep a close eye on returns

When the sender has booked the return shipment and arranged the collection, we monitor whether the recipient has actually given you the shipment. As soon as this is the case, we follow every shipment closely and we will contact you immediately as soon as we detect a delay. If something goes wrong during the return delivery, we request a credit on behalf of the sender for any damage or theft that has occurred.

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